Online Workshop – Perfect Origami Cranes


This workshop is suitable for origami beginners. Please subscribe before 17 January 2021.

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The origami paper crane (orizuru) is a symbol of the Japanese culture. During this online workshop you will learn how to fold the classic paper cranes perfectly. We will send you an assortment of 10 origami papers in advance including orifuda, that is specially designed to fold beautiful cranes. You will experience the impact of different papers during the workshop.
This workshop is suitable for origami beginners. The subscription is possible till 16 January 2021.

Date: 8-9 pm Saturday 30 January 2021

Costs: 18 euro p.p including 10 origami papers

Language: English (Dutch in case where there are Dutch speakers only)

The workshop may not take place if there are less than 4 subscriptions as of 16 January.

We have received enough subscriptions! This workshop is officially going to take place.

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